Private market

Krossbo provides investors
diversified investment
programs targeting
co-investment and
fund products.

Our members benefit from having access to curated institutional-quality private alternative investment products, a rigorous vetting process, an experienced team specialized in private market investing and a best-in-class user experience.


The Krossbo Advantage

Access to top-tier global
private funds & co-investments

Low minimum
investment requirements

Easy-to-use & secure
technology platform

Transparency &
aligned interests


Potential for
early liquidity*

*Applies to select investment products

Our Focus

We partner with the world’s leading alternative
investment managers to bring attractive private
market opportunities to our members.

Private Equity

Investment strategies covering corporate private equity, ESG and special opportunities.

Real Estate

Curated equity and debt fund products and co-investment opportunities sourced from top-tier real estate investment managers.


Investments that offer attractive relative value in comparison to their fundamental credit risk profile.

Venture Capital

Access to cutting-edge startups and top VC managers with proven track records.

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Prominence of alternative assets for investors rises

July 2, 2021

When it comes to investment decisions, due diligence is key, and for Investae it marks the start of a process to help educate and break down alternative investment opportunities so that they are easier to understand for prospective investors.

Private capital industry soars beyond $7tn

June 12, 2021

The private capital industry has grown to more than $7tn thanks to demand for higher-returning but pricey and opaque strategies, spurring the likes of Schroders and JPMorgan to launch new divisions and sending others on the prowl for acquisitions.

The rise and rise of private debt

June 2, 2021
Since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), private debt has received increased attention and growth for a variety of reasons. These have included the ongoing low interest rate environment, elevated equity valuations, the diversification …

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